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Virtual Guidance

Registration and optimisation of visitor flows

Virtual systems for process optimisation and customer-friendly queue management

With our Virtual Queue solutions, you’re able to eliminate the need for your customers to wait in line, allowing them more free time and, ultimately, an enhanced customer experience.

Virtual Guidance Products

Airport Security



Manage the flow of people and communicate with passengers to improve the customer journey, transforming a once stressful situation into a hassle free process.

Airport Service Area

Passengers can scan a QR code to book a slot at the service centre at their leisure allowing them to arrive at their allocated time.

All Areas

Eliminate queueing altogether, creating more loyalty and relaxed customers free to use their time wherever and however they please.

Experts in public guidance and information systems

Helping you optimise customer flow

Public Guidance

Belt post and visitor guidance systems

Smart Guidance

Digitalisation of customer flow