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Smart Queue

Intelligent queues through logistically optimised processes

Shortened waiting times, improved use of resources and greater flexibility are just some of the advantages enjoyed through our smart customer guidance system.

Intelligent Queues

The Smart Queue combines both our Smart Shortcut and Smart Call solutions, transforming a standard queue into a fully optimised process.
Together with our Public Guidance range like Beltrac belt posts and Nextrac partition walls and portals the Smart Queue enhances customer flow, whilst freeing up staff resources that can be used elsewhere.

Installed sensors react to the flow of people and control the Smart Gates’ electronic swing doors, altering the queue length to prevent bottlenecks and reduce dwell times.
Once at the end of the queue sensors are then triggered and the next available service position is displayed on screens to the customer, eliminating any confusion and ensuring a much-improved customer experience.

Smart Gates and smart algorithms for the perfect queue

The Smart Gate is a revolving gate that rotates around a Beltrac post. Sensors in the queue identify the passenger flow and calculate the best path for the waiting passenger, fully optimising the queue process.


•  Positions can be programmed at will within 360°

•  Guides passengers in the desired direction

•  A 90° turn takes place within a maximum of 2 seconds

•  Operated by either a rechargeable battery or with continuous current


•  Use of existing sensors or Via Guide sensors

•  Optional visual measures (foils on gate and/or floor, monitors or traffic lights) improve visibility and effectiveness

•  Changing the queue layout remotely (when using a semi-automated solution)

•  Triggering of the access control system by staff, e.g. the badge reader

Entertainment or information while waiting

•  Diameter of the BELTRAC post: 70 mm

•  Width of the panel: max. 1.5m

•  Height: min. 1014 mm

•  Rotation time: 2 seconds for 90° (360° programmable)

•  Material blade: polycarbonate

The change of position of the Smart Gates is triggered by a manual remote control, by sensors or by an access control system. The Smart Gate itself can be equipped with an internal personal recognition sensor to increase security.

Combined with the magnetic Beltrac posts, the Nextrac panels at the edge of the queue and the information system, we’re able to create a maintenance-free, highly efficient queuing area.

Adapting the queue layout for certain circumstances

The Smart Gates are positioned within the queue at points where belts would normally need to be opened or closed to change the direction of passengers.

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