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Smart Guidance

Digital customer flow with smart guidance systems

The world is changing with Smart technology now an everyday part of our lives, designed to make things simpler and more convenient. At Q we’ve taken the same approach to queueing, introducing Smart Guidance solutions to help make life that little bit easier.

Our Smart Guidance solutions turn the flow of people from what’s a “necessary evil” into an optimised part of your business. People don’t like to wait, but if you make the process as efficient and painless as possible it can completely transform both their customer experience and their perception of your business.






Other Smart Guidance Products

Smart Queue

Our Smart Queue completely transforms queueing from a necessary evil into a seamless logistical process. With a digital customer flow resources are reduced, staff can be redistributed to other areas and the customer enjoys a much improved waiting experience.

Smart Shortcut

Achieve optimal queue control through the use of Smart Gates. These electronic swing gates completely alter the queue length depending on capacity, reducing bottlenecks and improving passenger flow. These can be fully automated using sensors which react in real-time, or manually at the touch of a button.

Smart Call

Create perfect customer flow and reduce dwell times with Smart Call. This digital call system guides your customers from the queue to the service counter or self-service terminal, either at the touch of a button or fully automated if desired.

Smart Access

Smart Access digitally monitors and controls access across various areas of an airport. Security is increased as the system detects passengers going the wrong way, even at peak times.

Smart Count

The Smart Count system records passenger flow across the airport, calculating waiting times before displaying these in real-time.

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Belt post and visitor guidance systems

Virtual Guidance

Digital solutions for virtual queue management