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Smart Call

Smart Call directs customers to the next available service position

With Smart Call customers are guided through the queue with monitors at the queue exit directing them to the next available service position. LED lights at the counter or terminal are added to help, promising reduced dwell time and smoother customer flow. Staff can use a remote control to call the customer, or alternatively this solution can be fully automated with our sensors. They’re also perfect for self service devices like ticket machines or self-service checkouts.

Flexible & expandable

With Smart Call enjoy a range of advantages, including:

Higher customer satisfaction with more customer throughput

Customers are called directly to the next free counter or the desired service position, enabling a significantly more efficient customer flow, shortened waiting times and a much-improved customer experience.

Keep customers occupied via information or entertainment

A wide variety of content can be played back on the monitors used between service calls, significantly reducing the perceived waiting time for the customer by up to 50%! Up to 6 display modes allow the display on the entire monitor or via split screen in the usual data formats: .bmp, .jpg, .mpg, .wmv.

Use directly or customise!

The high-performance, electronic management system is easy to use and can be configured specifically. Installation is simplified thanks to Z-Wave technology, meaning no cables and a wide range of different audio cues, multilingual customer prompts, 2 voices and different texts and images ensure your needs can be met.

Furthermore, the system allows complete customisation with your own photos, images, announcements, music and more!

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