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Nextrac Partition Walls & Doors

Create completely bespoke areas with Nextrac!

Consisting of aluminium crossbars which slot seamlessly into Beltrac posts, combined with a range of filling elements such as glass, acrylic glass, aluminium composite and more Nextrac allows you to create a variety of solutions such as:

Advantages of Nextrac

The Nextrac Range

Design individual rooms safely and easily with Nextrac!

With Nextrac areas can easily be blocked off with minimal installation effort. Create completely bespoke storage rooms when combined with our doors.

Upgrade your Nextrac system with our range of doors!

From magnetic solutions for locking doors with emergency exit function, to the use of standard door locks, to the integration of alarm systems, the Nextrac system offers numerous options for integrating doors.

Self-closing swing doors for contactless operation!

The mechanical and self-closing swing doors can be opened 90° in any direction, and is available in single or double door varieties. The maximum passage width of the single swing door is 1.1m, with 2.1m the maximum for the double door version.

From stickers for windows and doors to locking systems of your choice!

Our range of accessories help complete your new solution. Stickers for windows and doors, floor plates for different mounting thicknesses and the locking systems for the doors all help finish your creation.

Other Public Guidance Products


The mobile belt post, extending up to 25m. Available with a range of bases and belts, with optional printed webbing.


People guidance meets luxury with our traditional rope posts, perfect for museums or elegant V.I.P. areas.

Nextrac Portals

Combines our belt barrier posts with aluminium crossbars and various filling options (acrylic glass, aluminium composite panels and more), creating bespoke areas with minimal effort.


Easy transportation and storage of your belt barrier posts. Available in different capacities.


Includes standard poster holders, Telescopic Posts and Totems to create visual aids for customers, perfect for high footfall areas.

Experts in public guidance and information systems

Helping you optimise customer flow

Public Guidance

Belt post and visitor guidance systems

Smart Guidance

Digitalisation of customer flow

Virtual Guidance

Digital solutions for virtual queue management