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Virtual Queue Airport Service Centre

The service before the service

Virtual Queueing is a powerful, browser-based solution used to assist at Service Centre desks. By scanning a QR code passengers can book a timeslot at the service centre, allowing them to arrive when required instead of queueing.
This gives the airline a number of control options, such as clustering passenger groups for a particular flight and prioritising customer groups according to their status. This way both passengers and the airlines benefit, bringing calm to otherwise stressful situations such as cancellations, delays, security and check-in.

Modern on-site passenger management

Easy registration to the service centre for shortened waiting times and a clear process

A simple scan of the QR code guarantees easy reservation of a free timeslot at the Service Centre.
Booking a timeslot can be done conveniently on-site at the airport, with clearly visible pillars in the immediate vicinity of the gates and centrally within key public areas displaying information and instructions on the registration process.
The registration itself is done by scanning a QR code, which leads to the browser-based application where the passenger selects their desired timeslot, before receiving confirmation.
The booking process is as simple as it is intuitive, ensuring that all passenger groups can follow the steps without any issues. The waiting time is then the passengers own, freeing them to spend it however they please away from the service centre. This in turn reduces queues or large groups of people waiting, eliminating any frustrations and having a greater effect on passenger experience.

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